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Magnetic Water Softener Reviews & How It Works (2021)

The chances are good that you looked up how magnetic water softener works on the web because you thought about adding one to your home. Instead of using salt that you need to refill every few weeks, these systems send the water through a magnetic field to both clean and soften it. Though some claim that they aren't effective, our Magnetic Water Softener review will go over all the top reasons to buy this model.

With the Magnetic Water Softener, you get the ease of use that comes with a magnetic water softener. You can get rid of the calcium, lime, magnesium and other deposits without keeping a big bag of salt around. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of this softener.

Magnetic Water Softener Review


  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates the need for messy bags of salt
  • Works on the substances that cause water sports
  • Requires little space in your home
  • Need no tools for installation


  • Is not as effective as traditional water softeners are
  • Doesn't work well on some substances such as calcium
  • Not suitable for large homes
  • Works better as a point system than a whole-home system

Is It Worth Your Money?

We recommend the Magnetic Water Softener and believe that it's worth the money because of the extensive testing that we did and the high reviews that the softener gets online. It is one of the most comprehensive systems because it works on all types of deposits and will prevent scale buildup on your faucets. You might like the compact design too that takes up a fraction of the space that other water softeners require.

Known as both the Duplex version and Model 8, it doesn't require any special tools and installs in only 60 seconds. The large magnets create a field that the water passes through to remove the potential toxins. It also has a low price, which many budget shoppers will appreciate.


  • Dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Easy to Install
  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Flow Rate: 30 GPM

Detailed Review and Breakdown

Top Features

As a salt-free water softener, the top feature of the Magnetic Water Softener is that it requires no salt or any other type of chemical. When you attach it to a pipe, it starts to work immediately and creates changes that you can see as soon as you hop in the shower. It works on most of the deposits, particles and impurities in your home's water supply such as calcium, lime and minerals.

We also like that you can install this water softener without dragging out your tool chest because it comes with everything you need. Installing the product is as simple as putting it on the pipe and securing it with the included strap.


  • Ultra high powered magnets
  • 5 X 5 X 3 inches in size
  • Two magnets create a magnetic force field
  • Nylon and Velcro strap for installation
  • Solid steel design
  • Duplex model


In terms of ease of use, the Magnetic Water Softener ranks highly because it is easy to install. You just need to decide where to use it and set it on top of the pipe. The included nylon strap with a Velcro buckle helps it stay on the pipe and form a magnetic field.

The downside is that it may not be as reliable as you wanted or expected. Though magnetic fields are strong, they cannot remove nearly as many contaminants as traditional water softeners can and will not make the water as soft. It's more reliable when you set the system up in a motorhome or small house.


As you look at how magnetic water softener works online, you'll find that some models sell for hundreds of dollars. With the Magnetic Water Softener, you can save a significant amount of money because it retails for such a low price. As we compared it to other models, we couldn't find any other system priced this low.

Who is This for?

Many people hate using salt in their water softeners, especially those with children or pets who can tear open the bags. The elderly have a difficult time lifting and moving those bags too. We recommend the Magnetic Water Softener for those who want a chemical-free and salt-free alternative.

We also recommend this water softener for anyone who wants a product that can work on a single tap or pipe because it doesn't perform as well when you use it for multiple rooms. The magnetic field that it creates can remove most contaminants, including lime, calcium and sediments. Thanks to its overall design, it ranks as one of the best selling salt-free water softeners in the world.

Our Opinion

Not everyone finds as much success with salt-free water softeners as others do, which is why we only recommend the Magnetic Water Softener for small homes. You can also use it in an RV when you travel the country and want to experience soft water. If you have a large home with more than one bathroom, it may not work for you.

As you read through our Magnetic Water Softener review, think about your needs and whether this water softener can meet those needs. It reduces the need for bags of salt and can significantly cut down on the water spots that you usually see. You may find that an alternative salt-free model is better for you though.

Other Options Worth Looking At

Some people worry about using water softeners because they don't want to keep salt and other chemicals around. A solid alternative to the Magnetic Water Softener is the P3 P7920 Chemical-Free Water Conditioner for Standard 3/4-Inch Pipes, which allows you to soften and treat your water without any pesky chemicals. It has a standard design that works with all 3/4-inch pipes too.

Made from ceramic and PVC materials, it creates a magnetic field that surrounds the pipe. When you turn on the tap, it will instantly start working to eliminate sediments and contaminants from the water. This system comes with a 10-year limited warranty also.

Other units that you can also consider include the Hard Water Poly Action, also a cheap option, or the Eddy Water product

P3 P7920 Chemical-Free

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Last Updated on January 5, 2021