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    AquaHomeGroup EW-SF

    Installing a new water softener for your whole house can be an expensive job that takes a few hours’ worth of work for installation. But if you only need softer water in the shower, or need a little extra softening power in there, you can opt for an inexpensive, easy-to-install softening shower head. You’ll enjoy the benefits of smoother, softer skin and vibrant, shiny hair.

    Keep reading to see our recommendation for the best water softener shower head that you can install yourself. You can also read our buying guide section that will help you in your own research to find the best shower water softener for your specific needs.

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    AquaHomeGroup EW-SF

    Read out complete reviews, along with our reviews of a couple of other alternatives that you might be interested in. 

    Best Shower Heads for Water Softener [UPDATED]

    1AquaHomeGroup EW-SF 10-Stage
    9.8Buy on Amazon
    2PureAction W-388
    9.6Buy on Amazon
    3AquaBliss SF220
    9.3Buy on Amazon
    4Lanney 12-Stage Shower Filter
    9.1Buy on Amazon

    Water Softener Shower Head Reviews (2019)

    We’ve reviewed the four best water softener shower heads in depth. Here’s everything you need to know to make a buying decision between these models.

    1. AquaHomeGroup EW-SF 10-Stage

    AquaHomeGroup designed the AquaHomeGroup EW-SF filter very originally. They have improved this model and supplemented previous properties, such as the removal of irritants, bacteria, contaminants, unpleasant odors, and heavy metals. They also improved the water softening technology to promote healthy hair, nails, and skin with stronger disinfection, stimulation, and filtration capabilities.

    This water filter will also reduce the risk of developing respiratory and skin diseases, including dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, and eczema. This is because the EW-SF successfully removes all chemicals and chlorine.

    It’s also completely compatible with standard shower pipes. You can use it as an overhead, rainfall, or handheld shower head.

    And this model will not reduce the water pressure in your house. It also acts as a purifier, softener, and moisturizer, which gives people with sensitive skin an added reason to buy. The filter also helps with iron and rust if you have well water.

    The product weighs only 1.43 pounds and measures 7.9 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches. It comes in stainless steel for a bright, ever-clean appearance.

    All you have to do to install the EW-SF is screw it in to your shower pipe or hose. The filter is housed in a strong plastic case, and the surface has a chrome coating.

    Besides the shower head, you will also get a replaceable filter cartridge, Teflon tape, a premium gift box, and a user manual.

    Each cartridge is designed to last for an average of 6 months. You might have to replace it sooner, depending on the quality of water in your area. If you have very hard well water, replace the cartridge as soon as soon as you notice a change in the water quality. 

    To make sure your water is as clean and soft as possible, let the water run through the filter for at least 5 minutes before you get into the shower.

    As you get very clean water from this filter, we especially recommend it for homes with children and pets. There’s no question that this is the best water softener shower head on our list.

    2. PureAction W-388

    The PureAction W-388 filter is an innovative piece of technology. This shower filter is made of 3 components: filter sponge, seoul stones, and an ion box.

    This strong system for filtration is designed to remove almost 100% of contaminants in your water. It removes fluoride, chloride, sulfur, pesticides, and bacteria. It also dissolves present minerals in the water, including magnesium, manganese, and chromium. As the showerhead also removes chlorine, your body is going to be so thankful every single time you take a shower.

    The water that goes through this filter will be soft. It will also rejuvenate your skin, nails, and hair. It’s very helpful with skin dryness, hair loss, and eczema.

    The W-388 weighs only 6.1 ounces and is very small with dimensions of 3 x 4 x 3 inches. It is made from chrome-plated ABS materials and has a circular shape.

    Installing the shower head is a very important thing, right?

    For this particular model, you won’t need any tools. It mounts on any wall-mounted shower in minutes.

    The flow rate is 2 gallons per minute, perfect for standard shower pipes. It has a maximum pressure of 80 PSI, which is also ideal for a comfortable shower. You will waste less water and save more money. The innovative technology of this shower heard uses less water than standard models while enhancing the water pressure.

    The product has three specific pressure settings: massage, rain, and power rain. The massaging shower head is something that your kids are going to love!

    Besides the shower head itself, you will also get Teflon tape and two filter cartridges in the box. Another plus for the PureAction is that they provide a 1-year warranty on the shower head.

    You will need to replace the filter cartridge every 8-10 months (sometimes sooner, depending on the water quality in your area). You can purchase two replacement filter cartridges and the PureAction W-388 itself, making it an affordable choice for any home.

    3. AquaBliss SF220

    The AquaBliss SF220 luxury inline shower filter has a multi-stage system for filtration. This means that your shower water is going to be purified no matter the temperature.

    It removes harmful impurities, such as chlorine, and traps heavy metals, including nickel, chromium, and mercury. It also prevents the spread of organic substances, such as fungi and bacteria.


    You’ll notice softer water immediately. If you have city water, you’ll also enjoy the removal of the chlorine as your hair and skin begin to feel softer and smoother.

    Utility companies usually put chlorine in the water to get rid of bacteria. But water that’s treated with chlorine is very bad for your body. It causes flaky skin and dryness, breathing problems, and damaged hair.

    This product successfully removes all these threats and it’s also very compact! It weighs about 15 ounces with dimensions of 3.7 x 3.7 x 5.4 inches.

    The model uses calcium sulfite, active carbon, and a mix of KDF-55 to successfully filter your water. Calcium sulfite and active carbon remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals in both cold and hot temperatures. KDF-55 purifies the water extremely well at high temperatures.

    The SF220 is very easy to install. The installation process requires no tools and you will be able to mount it in only a few minutes. The connections are very easy to install to your combo, hand-held and overhead rainfall showerheads.

    The company recommends changing the filter after 6-8 months of usage or after 10,000 gallons of water. This will, as with other products on this list, depend on the water quality in your area. 

    Unlike with the models above, if you buy this product, you will only get the shower head in the box, no replacements.

    4. Lanney 12-Stage Shower Filter

    Lanney did a great job with their Lanney 12-Stage Shower Head. They improved their technology so much that the filtering system now has 12 stages.

    This water softener uses calcium sulfite, ceramic balls, KDF-55, activated carbon, and many other materials for filtering. All of these features will optimize the filtration capability of the model, both for physical and chemical contaminants. The filtering materials are great at filtrating the water at all temperatures. On top of that, it will not reduce existing water pressure.

    People with sensitive skin usually have problems with the water in their showers. This product will successfully remove all bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, and mold from your water. It’s great at removing chemicals that might lead to eczema, dandruff, bronchitis, and itchy skin.

    Isn’t this exactly what you are looking from a water softener?

    The model is completely compatible with any faucet. It can be mounted on standard shower types, including rainfall, hand-held and wall-mounted showers.

    With dimensions of 5 x 3 x 3 inches and a weight of only 1.21 pounds, the Lanney is compact. And it’s going to take you only a couple of minutes to install this filter. You won’t even need to use any tools in the process.

    The Lanney is also very durable as the housing is made of chrome-protected plastic. This means that it is going to last for years and that only thing you will have to do is to change the cartridges. The cartridges last up to 12 months

    With the filter, you will also receive two cartridges, two rolls of Teflon tape, 4 silicon seals, and a user manual. This will further help you with the installation process and will also provide you with bonus cartridges once the ones you use are no longer useful. It the least expensive model on our list.

    Final Verdict

    AquaHomeGroup EW-SF

    All of these products have their benefits, But we’re recommending the AquaHomeGroup EW-SF as the best shower water softener for a couple of reasons:

    • Compact size
    • Multi-stage filtering system
    • Simple mounting that takes just a few minutes to install
    • No special tools needed for installation – all you need is a set of slip joint pliers
    • Bonus filter cartridge 
    • Long-term benefits
    • Pet-friendly
    • No house filtration system required
    • Chrome coating and thick plastics
    • Affordable price

    You’ll also find other shower head water softener reviews that recommend this product. Taking everything into consideration, this product’s features and price make for a great deal. If you don’t want chloramines, sulfites, and heavy metals in your water, don’t hesitate to order this product. Your skin will be softener and your water cleaner.

    If you want to see more product reviews, you go to this page.

    How to Pick the Right One for Your Needs

    The essential factors you have to consider when you are choosing a water softener are how much water you use and how hard your water is over the course of the whole day.

    By answering these simple questions, you’ll be able to compare the specs on a water softener system or shower head and know if it’s going to be an economical choice for your situation. Another thing you have to consider is the cost of the model, how much it will cost to maintain, and how will it help you be healthier in the long run.

    Grain Rating

    Do you know the hardness of your water? You can find out how hard your water is with a simple water test kit. After you perform the test, you will know how many mineral grains per gallon you have in your water.

    Mineral grains aren’t bad for your health though. You need them. You just don’t need them stacking on top of each other in your pipes and making your dishes come out of the dishwasher still dirty with dried mineral spots.

    How many grains of minerals a water softener can filter between regeneration cycles is the main difference between traditional water softeners. It’s the same with shower head models, but instead of regeneration cycles, its filter changes. Pay attention to how long the filter is supposed to last and how much it costs to replace it. With our models below, the filters last 6-12 months.

    Flow Rate

    The flow rate is another rating system for both whole house water softeners and shower head softeners. This shows how many gallons of water the softener can supply per minute.

    The water flow coming from your supply line will slow down once it enters the softener to give it time to filter the water. Essentially, a water softener, and especially a shower head, is a small pipe section where water needs to go through.

    The advantage of a shower head water softener is that you don’t need a high flow rate. In whole-house models, the flow rate would be divided between all the running faucets in your home. You could run low on water pressure if you tried to use too many faucets and appliances at one time.

    But with a shower head water softener, there’s nothing else competing for water pressure. Most models will provide you with two or more gallons per minute, which is the recommended flow rate for a shower. If you see one that offers less than 2 gallons per minute, be aware that it will be a low-pressure shower head.

    Additional Problems

    Always consider that special water conditioning needs require a specially designed system. If your home uses the city water and you notice that your skin and hair is too dry, consider buying a filtering system that will remove chlorine from the water.

    The chloramines and chlorine that facilities put in the water are meant to kill viruses and bacteria that are present in the water, but you don’t need them when the water reaches your house.

    Did you know?

    If you have well water, sometimes you might notice orange stains in your shower from iron or black stains from manganese. If your water sometimes smells like hardboiled eggs, your water is full of sulfur. Consider buying a softener shower head that is able to remove these unpleasant elements.