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About the Author

George Simms

I love the rural life. It’s nice out in the boonies where you can get a good plot of land, a house for cheap, and spend your time doing your thing with nobody to bother you. I can garden in my spare time with all the space I’d ever need, raise my goats and rabbits as free range pets, and relax in the backyard under the stars without my neighbor’s lights or shouted arguments and bumping music bother me.

One of the perks is drinking the water. If you’ve never had well water rather than city water, you’re missing out. It tastes better. Not just because it lacks some of the more bitter aftertastes of the chemicals used to treat it, but because of the minerals in it. Water straight from an aquifer is like having fresh bottled spring water on top, pretty much for free.

The only downside is...the minerals in the water can be a bit much sometimes.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like drinking sand. When I first moved into my forever home it was great... except for the visible flakes of stone and sand at the bottom of my water glass. Taking a shower was like getting sand blasted clean for the first few months I was here.

I desperately needed a water softener. And finding one was a huge chore.

I’m George Simms, and these are my Water Softener reviews. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d reviewed “way too many” water softeners. Finding the one that was not just right for my particular problem, but did the best job took a lot of time and effort, and not just a little money either, as I had to go out of my way to try several different options and go through trial and error to see what works.

I started this site to stop you from having to go through the same hassle. No trial and error or painstaking research for you: just come to the site, ready my reviews, and come away with everything you need. I talked with a lot of people in my search and connected them together when I made this site.

They can give you their expert opinions, point you in the right direction, and get you started on the path. Or if you’re feeling savvy, you can just browse the site and see what looks good for you. Whether your issue is hard water, sulfuruous water, chlorinated water, or something weird I’m not thinking of off the top of my head, there’s a solution out there for you.

If you have any questions, people are always here to answer them. As long as your questions are about water softeners, of course. Or about my cute little animals; I’ve always got time to gush about them too!

Last Updated on December 21, 2020